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What is this? is a space I created to present what can be an overwhelming and daunting amount of information regarding health and nutrition and break it down into practical strategies for individual bodies, personalities and lifestyles. It is meant to be a resource for others struggling with health issues where they will not only find information about what and why something is happening but will also find a variety of suggestions on how they could use this information to uniquely suit their needs.  All the research and good advice in the world is useless if you are unable to implement it.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll find…

Health Hero’s and Haiku’s

   There are people that have been instrumental throughout my health journey by offering science and information, helpful perspectives, tools and actionable advice.  I want them to be available to you as a resource as well, so I will spotlight some of their work and pay homage to them with the low hanging fruit of the poetry world, the Haiku.


   I rarely follow recipes, I read a ton of cookbooks but normally only for inspiration.  I like to think of my creations like “Food Formulas,” I try to give options so people can apply the theory to things they may already find in their kitchens.  I like easy with a lot of flavor (just like I like my… er, sorry, wrong website ;-).

Useful Products and Services  

   This is, well, exactly what it sounds like.  But I’ll elaborate anyway.  As I said before, implementation is the only way any of this works.  If, for example, there is a preparation method for food that is more nutritious and easy to digest but takes forever, and you don’t have forever, let’s find a prepared version you can purchase that’s as good or close enough.  It’s about making incremental improvements that you can really live with and still find a reason to smile every day.  

The .life Optimal Health Program  

   I use functional lab work and an extensive intake to identify the underlying causes of your symptoms and develop a targeted approach unique to your body’s needs in order to bring it back into balance.  We develop practical strategies that will allow you to implement healthy changes based on your personality and lifestyle.  If you’ve been suffering from any chronic illness or ailments, hormone or digestive issues this program will help you identify the root cause and expedite your results so you can get back really living your life.  Click here to find out more.