Optimal Health Ebook

There are so many health and nutrition books out there, why on earth would you buy another one?


Throughout my time working with clients and when friends and acquaintances ask me what they should do about [insert symptom, complaint or ailment], they expect to hear that there to be a blanket designated solution meant for everyone in their situation. They expect to hear that there’s an herb, a vitamin or a treatment that corresponds to whatever the complaint is. When I start asking about not only their diet, but their digestion, their sleep, their schedule, their workout routine, their medications, their sun exposure, they get, understandably, a bit overwhelmed.


It’s so common to find books, articles and advertisements for topics such as weight loss, digestive problems, thyroid issues, skin problems, brain fog… that try to present the same plan as a one solution for everyone.

How nice it would be if this were in fact the case. The truth is that each person is their own unique ecosystem created with a genetic blueprint, being ever changed from conception until death by your surroundings, the foods you eat, your ability to rest and repair and even the thoughts you think.

This may sound like bad news.

Although it may seem just way more complicated and inconvenient than a practitioner handing over a pill or performing some procedure, it is actually good news. It means that not only do you have far more control over your health than you may have ever imagined, but when armed with the basic, but accurate, knowledge of nutrition and becoming an expert in your individual ecosystem there are no gatekeepers between you and Optimal Health. No practitioner, no rare berry from the amazon, no extraordinary expense, no fad diet or cleanse, no “if you can’t follow this super restrictive plan, you just don’t want it badly enough.”

So what about this book?

My mission is to provide people with the basic framework of the many facets of health so they can begin to discover their optimal strategy for not only looking good but feeling great and functioning well. I don’t want be anyone’s gatekeeper to health, I want to hand them the key.

Just A taste of what you will find Inside:

  •  A break down of all the buzzwords like “Oxidative Stress.” What the hell is it and why should I care…?
  • How research can be great, but also conducted in a way that skews the results. Or conducted well, then presented in a way that misrepresents the results and how to cut through the bull and find out what the results may possibly mean for you.
  • A concise but clear conversation explaining Macro vs. Micronutrients and how they effect and are utilized in the body. Plus, what can happen when deficiencies are chronic.
  • How sleep is likely more important than diet and exercise put together, a look at why you may not be getting proper rest and strategies on how to resolve this issue.
  • How the way you move throughout the day, not just in the gym, can effect your sleep, your digestion, your hormones, your risk of injury, your heart health and your blood sugar.
  • The effects of perceived stress as well as stress on the body you may not even be aware of.
  • How food can be used as medicine and when to consider additional options.
  • A framework to follow in order to find out what works best for your body, lifestyle and personality.
  • Strategies and solutions to make all of this info easier to implement.

The beyond book things you get in this book:

Online access that allows me to update the research and add resources as they become available. It’s not only provides a well-rounded look at health but also acts as a live directory to it.

For a limited time, I am offering a 25 minute consultation to address your top 3 health concerns. There is absolutely no sales pitch in this consult. I deliver research, resources and strategies to help you achieve your goals.

Don’t miss out!  Get your copy today and be on your way to finding your unique plan for Optimal Health!

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